One-Month Paleo Diet Menu

The One Month Paleo Diet Menu

Most of us have very ingrained food routines – we learned to cook and enjoy certain foods as children, and carried those habits over into our adult lives. If you’re new to Paleo, changing these routines and switching to a Paleo diet menu can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t used to creating a complete meal without some kind of bread or rice as a base, and aren’t accustomed to keeping the right paleo snacks around that can make the diet easy to stick to. This Paleo diet menu plan can help you plan filling and nutritious meals without relying on Hamburger Helper, Lean Cuisine, or microwave pizza.

Week 1:

SundayEggs fried in coconut oil; steamed broccoliPan-fried salmon with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted zucchiniSlow-cooked pork shoulder with steamed beetsHandful of trail mix
MondayFrozen fruit smoothieLeftover pork shoulder (hot or cold) with cauliflower “rice”Stuffed peppers (filled with ground beef and vegetables) and steamed carrotsHard-boiled egg
TuesdayPaleo People Banana Nut Granola with Organic Coconut milkSalad with tuna, carrots, tomatoes, and avocadoBean-free Paleo chili and baked sweet potatoesPiece of fruit
WednesdayOmelet with vegetablesGrilled chicken breast with roasted eggplant and summer squashPork chops with mustard and onions; pan-fried asparagus spearsGrass-Fed Beef Jerky
ThursdayCoconut milk kefir with blueberries and coconut flakesLeftover pork chops and cucumber saladSlow-cooked chuck roast and roasted root vegetablesPaleo People Apple Crisp Granola
FridayFresh fruit salad and hard-boiled eggsHearty chicken vegetable soup over cauliflower “rice”Liver and onions with spaghetti squashPlate of raw vegetables dipped in guacamole
SaturdayPaleo banana “pancakes” with strawberriesSalmon saladLamb chops and roasted butternut squashLARABAR

Week 2:

SundayFrittata with onions, mushrooms, and red peppersGrilled bison burgers wrapped in lettuce with sweet potato friesRoast chicken and spaghetti squashPiece of fruit
MondayStrawberries and Macadamia nuts with coconut milk kefirLeftover roast chicken with vegetable soupPork chops with spinachSalad shrimp dipped in salsa
TuesdayFruit salad with a handful of trail mixMussels with homemade tomato sauce; steamed broccoliSteak with roasted cauliflower and broccoliFresh veggies dipped in baba ganoush
WednesdayOmelet with leftover steak and vegetablesLamb stew with vegetablesTurkey with homemade cranberry sauce and cauliflower “mashed potatoes”TANKA Bar
ThursdayFrozen fruit smoothieStir-fry with chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms, and water chestnutsPaleo meatloaf and pan-fried eggplantBanana chips
FridayPaleo People Granola with fresh strawberriesSpinach salad with shrimp and avocadoGoat curry and spicy fried tomatoesGrass-Fed Beef Snack Sticks
SaturdayCoconut flour muffins and fresh blueberriesSalad with mixed greens, olives, and hard-boiled eggsSlider burgers with pan-fried kaleSlices of roast beef with avocado

Week 3:

SundayPan-fried chicken with vegetablesSalad topped with leftover slider burgersGround beef with spaghetti squashMacadamia nuts and blueberries
MondayEggs poached in chicken brothPan-fried tuna with vegetables and Indian spicesPork chops with roasted pumpkinPiece of fruit
TuesdayCoconut milk kefir topped with Paleo granola and orange slicesSalad with grilled chicken; baked sweet potatoesBeef heart stew with tomatoes and carrotsRoasted pumpkin seeds
WednesdayBanana pancakesPaleo chili with cauliflower “Rice”Pan-fried salmon with summer squashSliced tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil
ThursdayEgg muffinsLeftover Paleo chili and roasted root vegetablesRoast chicken with Brussels sproutsAvocado sprinkled with sea salt
FridaySmoothie with frozen fruitSpinach salad with bacon and leftover chickenLamb chops with oven-roasted eggplant and tomato slicesCaveman Cookies
SaturdayHandful of mixed nuts; coffee with coconut milkTurkey vegetable soup; spinach salad topped with walnuts and dried cranberriesLemon-ginger chicken stir fry with carrots, broccoli, and green peppersCan of tuna

Week 4:

SundayPaleo hot chocolate (coconut milk, cocoa powder, and honey to taste) and banana ÒpancakesÓCucumber salad with salmon and lemon-pepper dressingSpicy goat curry with spinach and coconut milkPiece of fruit
MondayFresh fruit salad with hard-boiled eggsPan-seared scallops with asparagusSlow-cooked chuck roast, sauerkraut, and cauliflower Òmashed potatoesÓkale chips
TuesdayPaleo granola with coconut milk kefirSalad with mixed greens, tomatoes, green peppers, and leftover chuck roastLamb chops and wilted Swiss chardChicken drumstick
WednesdayFrozen fruit smoothieRoast Cornish hen with root vegetablesGrilled hamburgers with lettuce buns and sweet potato friesVeggies with liver p‰tŽ
ThursdayAsian-style omelet with ginger, pepper, and spring onionsStuffed tomatoes (tomatoes filled with ground beef and veggies and baked)Baked snapper; salad with spinach and arugulaSalad shrimp dipped in salsa
FridayHandful of almonds and an orangeOven-baked cod and steamed broccoliHerbed chicken roasted with mushrooms and artichoke hearts.Can of salmon
SaturdayFrittata with spinach, mushrooms, and other vegetablesVegetable soup; salad with leftover chicken, olives, and lemon-pepper dressing.Twice-baked sweet potatoes and wilted kaleStrawberries drizzled with coconut cream


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    I love these ideas. Thank you.

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      Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for commenting!

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